Too Old

I have come to the realization tonight that I am getting old. My step-children like most kids today feel the need to have the TV on constantly. Until recently we haven’t had cable in our house; but when we are at their grandparent’s house, they try to be in control of the remote. I do not approve of much of what they watch. I find much of the “kid’s” programming to be highly inappropriate for a 13 and 8 year old. I especially do not approve of the way that kids treat/talk to adults in many of these shows. I don’t say too much, though because as the step-mom I don’t have much say in these matters.

As mentioned, I recently had cable hooked up in our house. This has been a wonderful thing for me as I have been on bed rest recovering from my many health issues. Often times (like tonight) I am unable to sleep at night. The TV keeps me company. A few nights ago I ran out of DVR recordings and was forced to actually browse the listings of what was currently showing. I was interested to find that many of my favorite childhood cartoons play in the wee hours of the night. These are shows that I haven’t watched in 10+ years, but I remember fondly. I, of course, set the DVR to record some of these shows so that I could watch and still avoid the commercials.

I have determined that many of these shows are not what I would consider kid appropriate. The humor is rude and crude. There are more innuendos than I can count, and overall the shows are just not kid friendly. And this is what I loved as a kid. I would not want my children watching my favorite shows. This makes me question am I just getting too old? Would I be one of those moms who has to watch everything before their kids do to monitor for appropriateness? I never thought of myself as that person, but now I am not so sure. Maybe my kids would just be allowed to watch Sesame Street until they are teenagers. (note:  need to watch Sesame Street to see if still kid appropriate).

But then again, I watched all this stuff, and I turned out pretty amazing……..


Pain and Positivism

It is a little after 2am. I have an appointment at 9am, but here I am wide awake. Tomorrow I am having an MRI done on my lower back. This MRI will determine if I will have to have back surgery. I am so ready to get this thing over with, but scared of the results.

Last weekend I was at a funeral and talked to many of my friends. Several people that I know were complaining of various ailments which were causing them difficulties. I was very sympathetic to each of them because I know how rough chronic pain is to the sufferer. What was somewhat upsetting, though was the age of these people. Most were in there 60’s. One was 92. I am 33. I am too young to feel this old. If I feel this way now, what will I be like at 60?

I am usually one of the most positive people you could ever meet, but sometimes I have to admit that I am downright scared of what the future holds. But whatever it is, I plan to face it bravely and with a smile. Life may be painful at times, but every breath is a blessing and another opportunity to keep Living the American Dream.

A New Beginning?

I want to start by saying that I know nothing about blogging.  I enjoy writing and storytelling, but blogging is a new concept. I have seriously considered writing a book for a while, but I cannot decide on a story line that doesn’t seem overdone. I finally decided to give blogging a try because what better way to be original than sharing the musings of my brain?

Once I decided that blogging was going to be my writing platform, I was left with the task of deciding on a blog topic. I put a lot of thought into this decision. I actually spent close to a year thinking about topics, blog names, and other blog  issues. Finally I decided that enough time had been wasted and that my thoughts were too plentiful to be reduced to a single topic. I have no clue how successful I will be at this endeavor, but I would rather have the freedom to blog about many different topics than to be stuck with one single topic. (One site which I researched referred to this as lifestyle blogging)

I want to welcome everyone who may happen to stumble upon this blog and take the time to partake of my ramblings. Writing really is a lifelong dream and I dedicate this blog to all  those who encouraged me to take this step. I am living the American Dream.